About Me



My fascination with glass bead making began in 1997 with the purchase of a book, How to Make Glass Beads, by Cindy Jenkins.  I found it mesmerizing to take Italian, German, and US made glass rods, wrap them around stainless steel wires to create a base bead, and then embellish it with any combination of glass canes, frits, enamels, and even silver or gold leaf.  I have never lost my appreciation of the seemingly endless ways in which glass can be manipulated nor with the surprising effects that can develop when two colors of glass are placed side by side.

All of my beads are kiln annealed, to relieve stress in the glass as it cools, and to give durability to the bead.  I then design each bead to be worn as a piece of jewelry using sterling silver components.

I am drawn to a love of the natural world: rocks, plants, birds, and sea life.  This interest finds expression in beads that are organic in design, color, and texture.  I also am guided by a need to be organized and to be technically precise, as evidenced in beads that are more graphic in design.  And always, my work is driven by my curiosity and desire to experiment and learn new techniques.  Enjoy!